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I've decided to move my video game review blog to blogger. For now I'm planning on posting in both places, but eventually I might just use the blogger one because of poll issues and options. Please visit there to vote in a poll for an upcoming review and view new pictures added to my littlebigplanet review. And keep checking back for new reviews.


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There are a couple more new reviews in my g2g_reviews journal for LittleBigPlanet (PS3) and Lost in Blue (Wii) so check them out. Also if you would like feel free to comment with questions about the games, friend that account, spread the word and maybe even write your own review that could show up as it's very own entry. Comment that you have a review you would like to enter and I will give you my email and I'll check it out. I'm looking for some 360 reviews since I don't own the system.
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Song Poem

(taken from Robin)

Instructions: Put your MP3 player thingy on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the 21st is your title.

(Untitled) *seriously i got an instrumental for that

I'm so tired of being here
Something about you
I am outside
I'm in the business of misery

I tried to kill the pain
I can feel the night beginning
Catch me as I fall
We say goodbye

They're gonna clean up your looks
Black Sky
Paper Flowers
You know you're not the only one

I hate feeling like this
Walked into
Bound everything by my shackles of fear
Everyone I thought I could count on

Long lost words whisper slowly to me
I still remember the world from the eyes of a child
If you are the cloud
In the day by day collision

*and this makes no sense lol
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As most of you know I love video games so i decided to make a journal devoted to reviewing them. Read through to find out about a game. If you've played it tell your thoughts in the comments section. You can also ask questions too. If you are a good friend and have a video game review to share for any system send me the review and if I like it I will post it up and say you wrote it. so visit my new lj, Gamer to Gamer Reviews here: http://g2g-reviews.livejournal.com/
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So I became bored once more and made another video. This time it took a bit longer because I did a video of Geh by Tokio Hotel (of course) with clips from twilight. Two of my most recent obsessions together lol. I just think this song fits with Edwards feelings and confusions about being with Bella in Twilight and Midnight Sun. There is a partial draft of Midnight Sun that can be found on Stephanie Meyers page for those of you who are wondering how I know what is in Midnight Sun. But it fits with his feelings with Edward wanting Bella to leave because it's safer for her, but he loves her so he wants her to stay. Sorry this is not the whole song, I ran out of clips lol. Enjoy!

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Spring Nicht

Alright I did another Tokio Hotel video. This time I did it with German subtitles and the translation, and then the english version subtitles. That way it's easier to learn what they are saying and maybe learn some German. This is the song that made me love this band and really get into them. Again they told me that its a copy written thing, but added the ad to the page to keep it up. And so far they didn't disable the code. So check it out.

to the youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKkGhJMMm7s
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So I wanted to post the video for rette mich by tokio hotel with english subtitles that i did on here, but all i can give you is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYjrS_LROqw. I know I'm obsessed. But it freaked me out when I got an email saying my video was copy written. But they let me keep it up, but it has an ad on the page which i don't mind. But they also disabled the code.  Now where is the fun in that. But if you want to check them out, and maybe learn a little german, check it out.
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My Eclipse Soundtrack

So I finally finished my eclipse soundtrack for the book Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. I did something different with the video to make it more interesting. I'm redueing my soundtrack for breaking dawn so expect to see that in the near future.

Eclipse Mix

1. Hysteria – Muse (I think it works with Bella wanting to become a vampire and her need for it. “It's holding me, morphing me And forcing me to strive. To be endlessly cold within And dreaming I'm alive. 'cause I want it now. I want it now
Give me your heart and your soul” On Stephanie Meyer’s list)
2. Think Twice – Eve 6 (Reminds me when Edward and Jacob are fighting over Bella. “Think twice before you touch my girl. Come around no more. She spreads her love.” I also think it works for Edwards attitude about no one better harm bella.)
3. Pet – A Perfect Circle (A song kinda about being overprotective when its not in the best intrest, so it reminds me of Edward trying to have alice babysit Bella and protect her from Victoria always, and it pisses Bella off.)
4. Snow White Queen – Evanescence (A song about stalking that I think works with Victoria breaking into Bella’s house and trying to find things about her so she is ready for when she attacks Bella.)
5. Energy – Skillet (Makes me think of Victoria. Kinda like Bella’s thoughts thinking about Victoria.)
6. So Cold – Breaking Benjamin (Reminds me of the night before the big fight with all the newborns and Victoria where Bella is in the tent so cold. “You’re so cold keep your hand in mine” is like how Jacob came to warm her up. And it also talks about how defenseless Bella is.)
7. Perfect – Flyleaf (Makes me think of Bella’s confusion between Edward and Jacob. “Sick of circling the same road. Sick of bearing the guilt. So open the windows to cool off. And heat pours in instead.” Makes me think of how she is lost to know which to choose. The cool off part makes me think of Edward and heat is Jacob. “All my efforts to clean me. Leave me putrid and filthy. And how can you look at me. When I can't stand myself” makes me think of when Bella kissed Jacob and she tells Edward and how she feels ashamed that she did”)
8. Your Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Reminds me of how Edward is with Bella. Kinda him saying I’ll be there for you after he already knew the loss of Bella and he doesn’t want it to happen again like in New Moon. “I’ll be there for you through it all, Even if saving you sends me to heaven.” That line says to me that he is willing to fight for her against all the newborns and Victoria to save her.)
9. Safe (KFDM remix) – Kittie (It has a good dark beat for a battle scene. Works with the fight with Victoria I think.)
10. Justice and Mercy – Flyleaf (I think this song would also work for the fight scene with Victoria)
11. Taking Back Control – Sparta (Reminds me of them fighting with the new borns and Victoria. Victoria took a part of Bella, that is her feeling of safety. They have worried about her ever since they killed James and now they are taking back control)
12. Emily – From First To Last (A love song)
13. October – Evanescence (Bella saying that she will marry Edward and become a Vampire, saying that se will be with him forever. That she has finally given in to him and has truly chosen him over Jacob.)
14. Not As We – Alanis Morrissette (For when Jacob knows it’s over with Bella for sure. “But this time I as "I" And not as "we"”)
15. Helena – My chemical Romance (Reminds me of Jacob with his broken heart for Bella. “What's the worst thing I could say? Things are better if I stay So long and goodnight”)
16. Easier to Run – Linkin Park (For when Jacob runs away obviously lol)
17. Overweight – Blue October (Like Stephanie Meyer and Justin said, that its about “a man saying you know “I lost you” but you’re in a better place now so I wish you all the best.” “I can’t make this the way I want it but the more important thing is you’re happy”)
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Twilight Icons

Here is about 50 or so Icons I did for the Twilight Saga

If you want to use any I would appreciate a comment and recognition where you use it. But I know taking icons can get you confused sometimes as to where you get it from, so it's ok if you can't. Just don't claim it as your own.


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